Her (2013)

Her is a beautiful movie, visually and emotionally. It was an Oscar, so that’s not really surprising. Spike Jonze wrote and directed it, unsurprisingly brilliant I love his work - Where The Wild Things Are is an awesome adaptation.

Joaquin Phoenix stars as the recently divorced letter writer, Theodore. Very normal and human in what’s an unusual and sometimes alien world. Scarlett Johansson plays Samantha, the OS he falls in love with. She did the best acting of the movie; making you sympathise and believe her character without a body or physical presence, just her voice. The academy award wining script helps, but I really wanna tip my hat to her on that.

This movie was amazing, the first in months that I’ve sat down and watched without ever checking my phone or getting something to eat. It hurt, too, and I don’t like movies that hurt. I find it so much easier to look away and ignore the tragedy before my eyes, it was so real, I felt their pain, but I couldn’t stop watching.

It’s also got Amy Adams, playing Theodore’s best friend, she also has an OS she makes friends with. One of the most interesting things about the storyline is while it seems so far off and crazy, this is completely plausible. Everyone has a smart phone these days and everyone uses them constantly. What if their smart phones could learn? What if their smart phones could feel? Our lives would be hardly any different, our heads would still be in our phones. This movie would be real.

It’s sincerely excellent, new favourite film level good. Chris Pratt makes a fun appearance, Joaquin and Scarlett play a wonderful love story, my heart breaks at least twice by the end. Watch it.